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All Donations to Klub Lift will go to either scholarships for kids, specific equipment needed for our programs, or to trainers.  No donations will go toward salaries.  

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“Lift Confidence, Lift Spirts, Lift People, Lift More.”

:  Klub Lift is located at 4353 East North Street, Greenville SC and will be a safe Gym/ Fitness facility for kids and young adults who are ASD (autism spectrum disorder) to work out and improve their physical health and positive side effects of exercise.   Typical Gyms make it difficult for most of these individuals with ASD to workout in, due to the noise, lighting, crowds, and general environment.  Klub Lift will be a safe structured environment that is catered to these individuals with proper lighting, no overpowering noise, calming colors, safe equipment, and Certified Trainers.    Most children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder have many challenges when it comes to staying in shape or getting in shape.   These individuals even have a more difficult time playing team sports or participating in team sports due to their condition.  Also, many of these kids or young adults have some disruptive behavior and in a typical gym setting this can cause some concerns from other patrons, however at Klub Lift, all members and staff will understand these actions.   These individuals are capable but need to find the right situation and activity to participate in and a safe environment with no judgement.   

Klub Lift will create several programs to fit each individual’s initial fitness status and create fitness goals for each person.   The programs will vary, and the goal is to have each person increase in difficulty as they grow in coordination, confidence, and strength.   Most ASD individuals are marginalize daily due to their condition, at Klub Lift this will be an environment for them to thrive and flourish.  With the right guidance these individuals will become more physically fit, stronger, confident and succeed to the next stage.  

According to the CDC ( the following is stated on their website:  “Benefits of physical activity on happen right after a session of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. Benefits include improved thinking or cognition for children 6 to 13 years of age and reduced short-term feelings of anxiety for adults. Regular physical activity can help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age. It can also reduce your risk of depression and anxiety and help you sleep better.”

A Study published in Childhood Obesity (Egan et al. 2013) states that more than 30 percent of children with autism are overweight or obese, significantly higher than the 12-24 percent in the general population of children.

There have been other studies showing the effectiveness of exercise on autism in a study from O’Connor, French and Henderson in 2000 that states:  Children with autism may experience increase in attention span, on-task behavior and effective in controlling many types of inappropriate behaviors.  In the same study showed that aerobic exercise shown to reduce aggressive and disruptive behavior as well as wandering.  In a 2013 study by McCleery, Eliott, Sampanis, and Stefanidon states a relationship between motor skill development, language development, social interaction, and academic performance.   As you can see there seems to be a huge need to engage these kid or young adults in a fitness program to improve many aspects of ASD.  

The trainers involved will be the most crucial part of Klub Lift and finding the right ones will be one of the most important factors. The trainers will have to have certain skills and education to work with these children and young adults.   The ideal trainers will have to have certification in ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) and a fitness background.   Klub Lift management has talked to a few trainers with these credentials, and they are excited to get involved.    For the beginners, we will have smaller groups of 2-3 for one trainer to teach proper techniques, form, and safety.    Once an individual “Master” a program the fitness goals then they will graduate to more complex exercises and harder programs.   The goal is for each person to see the results with strength, stamina, flexibility, weight, BMI, and lean muscle mass.   Klub Lift is hoping the side effects will improve sleep, aggression, concentration, and socialization.   

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If you have a child or young adult that is diagnosed with ASD and wants to participate in our classes, please contact us.

4353 East North Street

Greenville, South Carolina


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