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The following companies have been supporting us from day 1 of this project to help the kids and young adults.   Not one of them ever flinched in helping us get this project off the ground.   So thankful and grateful that we still have great companies with great people behind them.


Tyler Depuydt at American Barbell has been a crusader for our project from day 1.   He has helped us with what items to purchase and aided us with the purchasing.   American Barbell is a first-rate company with first-rate leadership.

American Barbell
(888) 473-0108

omQUYKCnQJKkhgzdR6wv_c4 healthlabs logo sm.png

C4 Healthlabs is a local company that supports Autism causes.   They have been a supporter of donations to help get this project off the ground.   C4 also had their marketing team create our website to give us a platform.   Another great company doing its part to help their local community.

C4 Healthlabs

Thank You

Our local Lowe's store located at  1370 Wade Hampton Blvd West, Greer, SC 29650 has been very gracious to our cause.  Lowe's donated our fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and fire exit signs.    The managers are just very kind and very supportive.  

864 879 8448

Support page: Testimonials
BSF logo.png
Stack of Cinder Blocks_edited.jpg

Access Realty is another local company that supports Autism causes.   Located just down the street from our location, they helped us in the search for our current location and aided us with getting the best price for our building.  Another first-rate business helping the local community.

Access Realty

Door systems logo.webp

Elizabeth Perkins from Door Systems learned about our project through our contractor who call Door Systems for a quote.   Without asking they donated two garage doors for our building and install them.   Everyone associated with Klub Lift was shocked by their generosity.   Another great company looking to help their community and support a great cause.   Klub Lift can not thank Door Systems enough for their support.

Door System Assa Abloy

Barbara Stone Foundation works immediately to support individuals with disabilities in Greenville County.  Klub Lift submitted an application for a grant and received a $3,000 grant to support our trainer.  Funds "earmarked" for our trainer helps us launch our program immediately and start servicing these special kids and young adults.  This foundation is very special to Greenville and we are very grateful they believe in our cause. 

Barbara Stone Foundation



Wasteaway Industries is a local dumpster company that has helped us tremendously with the clean-up of our site.   They graciously donated a number of dumpsters to our cause.    Getting our site prepared took a lot of work and Wasteaway was first class in its commitment to our project.  If you need a dumpster call Micheal Howard at Wasteaway Industries.

Wasteaway Industries, Greenville

Our neighbor and great person, Jason Phillips has helped us from Day 1.   He has given us manpower in some of the demolition and heavy equipment.  There are good people out in our community and then there are great people.  Jason and his crew are just great.   We can not thank them enough.

Phillip Brothers Landscaping


Klub LIft could not open without a bathroom and building the bathroom and breakroom are the next big project. Travis McGee from McGee Brothers specializes in concrete block and brick buildings.   They are the best!  They immediately were engaged in our cause and their crew was the most professional group of guys. They did an absolutely great job putting our walls up for the addition to house the bathroom and breakroom.  So very grateful for their help.  McGee Brothers
did this project at a reduced rate and also had most of the material donated.  Just great people and company.

Support page: Testimonials

Brad McAbee from Apex Construction has been so incredible in helping with the completion of Klub Lift.   Brad has introduced us to a number of companies that have either donated their time or have donated materials to our cause.  Brad also has spearheaded the build out of the breakroom/ bathroom and is taking this project on in a personal way.    Greenville has a lot of good people who are willing ot help, but Brad and Apex Construction have taken their contribution to this project and non-profit to a different level.    Klub Lift will never forget Brad and Apex's gernerosity and hopefully their legacy live a long time with Klub Lift.  

Apex Constuction SC, LLC


Carter lumber logo.gif

Brad from Apex introduced us to Carter Lumber and we told our story to Daniel Bank and Larry Harris (Carter Lumber executives). These two without meeting us face to face were on board to help, they went to their management about building our trusses (labor and materials).   They ended up donating these custom trusses and their generosity just floored us.   "Support Culture" should be a new concept, to support companies that hold high ethical standards, and this is one of them.   The quality of the trusses they donated are perfect and was a huge help for Klub Lift to get to our completion.   What a great company and we can not thank them enough.

HDH Concepts Info.PNG

In the process of building the addition to Klub Lift we wanted to insure the space was built solid and safe.   Brad from Apex Contruction hired David Hall from HDH Concepts to create our engineering drawings for our trusses.   Klub Lift founders knew this was going to be an extra charge and we were prepared to spend the money to make sure our building was first rate.   Unexpectingly, Brad infromed us that David Hall wanted to help our cause and donated his time and talet to our cause.   This was just another example of good person wanting to help and support their community.   Klub Lift can not thank David and his company HDH Concepts enought for his generocity.   

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